Victor Teslenko is part of a Russian juggling family[1][2] that has performed in the Cirque du Soleil shows Corteo and Zaia.[3][4] In 2008, Victor Teslenko and Rudolf Levitskiy became the first passing team to flash 18 rings.[5](video) In 2013, Victor Teslenko, Rudolf Levitskiy, and Alexander Kulakov set the (now surpassed) world record for the most rings passed between three people: 20 rings for 20 caught passes.(video)

Victor and Dmitry Teslenko currently hold the following passing world records, set in 2017:

  • 12 rings: 217 passes caught (video)
  • 16 rings: 25 passes caught (video)
Best jugglers

Best jugglers

Ring passing by Dmitry, Victor, Anatoly and Elina Teslenko


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