Triple rotations or triples are throws where each club rotates three times before being caught. The basic patterns for 6 and 7 clubs are normally done with triple rotations. A few jugglers also use triples for 8 clubs, which are more commonly done with quads. 720s with 3 clubs and 360s with 4 and 5 clubs are normally done with triples for the high throws.

Juggling with 3, 4, or 5 clubs in triple rotations is a more difficult trick than the basic patterns, which are normally done with singles for 3 clubs and doubles for 4 and 5. Those numbers can be done with triples at their normal heights, using fast spins, or in a higher, slower pattern, with the same kinds of throws used in a 6 or 7 club pattern. High triples with lower numbers can be used as an exercise to prepare for learning 6 or 7 clubs.

(4 4) club flash

(4 4) club flash

8 club flash in triples by Daniel Eaker

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