Tom Whitfield
Tom Whitfield
10 ball world record holder


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Highest numbers juggled

11 balls qualified
12 balls flashed
8 rings qualified
6 clubs qualified
22 ball passing flashed

  Tom Whitfield (born 6 December 1995)[1] is a British[2] numbers juggler living in Bristol.[3] He taught himself to flash 3 balls at the age of six,[1] and started practicing regularly when he was about 13.[3]

In 2012, Tom created,[4] a website that lets jugglers track and compare their personal records. In 2018, Tom became the second person ever to qualify 11 balls.(video) In 2019, he attended the IJA festival, where he and Mark Pender-Bare won the Ball Passing Numbers competition,[5] and he was featured on the Top 40 Most Popular Jugglers list.[6] In 2020, Tom became the fourth person to juggle 9 balls for over 100 catches on video.

Tom currently holds the following world records:


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26 04

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