Juggler's tennis is a trick where one ball goes back and forth over the top of the rest of the pattern.

3 ball juggler's tennis is a 3 ball cascade with an outside throw every third throw. 3 ball reverse tennis is a 3 ball reverse cascade with an inside throw every third throw.

Another 3 ball tennis pattern, called "real tennis", is a variation of 423 where the 3s go over the top of the pattern. Burke's barrage is a variation of real tennis where the 4 is thrown under the arm and the 3 is caught under the arm, and then the 2 is carried through the middle of the pattern as the arms uncross.

4 ball tennis doesn't work with a fountain pattern because there are no crossing throws, but it can be done in the wimpy pattern, or in the asynchronous siteswap 53444.

In 5 ball tennis, every fifth throw is an outside throw. "Fast tennis" is a 5 ball pattern where every third throw is an outside throw, like in 3 ball tennis. In fast tennis, every ball goes over the top at some point, instead of just one ball going back and forth over the top of the pattern.

The umbrella is a trick where certain balls always go over the top like in a tennis pattern, but with synchronous outside throws.

Video: 7 ball tennis by Thomas Dietz (at 3:37)
Video: 7 ring tennis by Anthony Gatto
3O3I3I 200

3 ball tennis

3O3O3I 200

3 ball reverse tennis

4I2I3O 200

Real tennis

4xO4xO4I0 200

3 ball umbrella

4xO4xI4xI4xI4xI4xO4xI4xI 200

4 ball wimpy tennis

4xO4xO4I4I 200

4 ball umbrella

5O3I4I4I4I 200

4 ball 53444 tennis

5O5I5I5I5I 200

5 ball tennis

5O5I5I 200

5 ball fast tennis

5 Ball Tennis'

5 Ball Tennis'

5 ball tennis patterns by Michael Falkov

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