The use of table tennis balls as a juggling prop was popularized by the European circus star Gran Picaso in the 1960s and '70s.[1] These balls are usually juggled by spitting them from the mouth and catching them again in the mouth or with the hands. There are also some jugglers who bounce multiple table tennis balls on a single paddle.

Table tennis ball jugglers[edit | edit source]

Willi Balladini was the first person to juggle table tennis balls with his mouth, in 1940.[2] Jugglers who performed with table tennis balls in the 1980s include Tony Fercos and Valente & Valente in Europe, Wally Eastwood, Dick Franco[3] and Rod Laver in the United States, and Arturo Alegria[4] in Mexico. More recently, Gran Picaso's son Francisco Tebar Honrubia has taken up table tennis ball juggling, performing with the stage name Picaso Jr. in both Europe and the United States.[1] Other table tennis ball jugglers include Roberto Carlos in Mexico and Ivan Pecel in the United States.

World records[edit | edit source]

Table tennis ball juggling world records validated by Guinness or with publicly available video evidence:

Spit from and caught in the mouth[edit | edit source]

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Spit from the mouth and caught in hands[edit | edit source]

Bounced on a paddle[edit | edit source]

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