Rastelli stick

One of Enrico Rastelli's juggling sticks (the knob end is not the handle end).

Boppo Stick

One of Bruce Tiemann's juggling sticks (used for the first 9 stick flash).

Sticks are a type of linear juggling prop that were used before the invention of club juggling in the late 19th century. Modern jugglers mostly use clubs rather than sticks for toss juggling (since clubs are designed better for juggling), but thin, lightweight sticks are still sometimes used, mainly for flashing high numbers. Sticks are easier to launch and collect than clubs, but harder to run.

Numbers jugglingEdit

The Juggling Information Service Committee on Numbers Juggling (JISCON) categorizes sticks as clubs (defined as long, roughly cylindrical objects). Scott Sorensen is the only person known to have qualified 7 sticks on videoEnrico Rastelli is recorded as having juggled 8 sticks in practice in the early 20th century. In 2003, David Cain flashed 8 sticks onstage.(video) Before anyone flashed 9 clubs, the first four flashes of 9 linear objects were done with sticks, by Bruce Tiemann in 1996,(video) Scott Sorensen in 1997,(video) Chris Fowler in 2003,(video) and Daniel Eaker in 2009.(video) Chris Fowler claims to have done 11 catches with 9 sticks.

9 stick flash New world record

9 stick flash New world record

9 stick flash by Bruce Tiemann

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