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Koblikov 10 balls pirouette !!!

Koblikov 10 balls pirouette !!!

10 ball stacked 10 up 360 by Alexander Koblikov

A stack is a multiplex throw where all the objects are thrown to the same hand (not necessarily the same hand that threw them), typically done so that the objects are "stacked" vertically in the air. In a self stack, all the objects return to the hand that threw them, and in a crossing stack, all the objects cross over to the other hand.

A clustered multiplex is a stacked throw where all the objects being thrown are treated as one object, so they will all be gathered into one hand before any of them is thrown again. A clustered duplex is written in siteswap notation using two of the same number ( e.g. [33], [44], [55] ). A non-multiplex pattern can be made into a multiplex pattern using twice as many objects by making every throw a duplex cluster. Any composite number of objects can be juggled in a multiplex pattern similar to a basic non-multiplex pattern by throwing the same kind of clustered stack for every throw.

A cut multiplex is a stack where one of the objects is caught and thrown again before catching any other objects that were part of that throw. A cut duplex is written in siteswap using either two different odd numbers ( e.g. [53], [73], [75] ) or two different even numbers ( e.g. [64], [84], [86] ).

6 2stacks 200

6 ball duplex stacks

Siteswap: [33]

6 sync aself 2stacks 200

6 ball asynch cut duplexes

Siteswap: [42T] or ([64],2)*

6 sync self 2stacks 200

6 ball synch cut duplexes

Siteswap: ([42T],[42T]) or ([64],[64])(2,2)

8 async 2stacks 200

8 ball asynch duplex stacks

Siteswap: [44]

8 sync 2stacks 200

8 ball synch duplex stacks

Siteswap: ([44],[44])

9 3stacks 200

9 ball triplex stacks

Siteswap: [333]

10 2stacks 200

10 ball duplex stacks

Siteswap: [55]

12 2stacks 200

12 ball duplex stacks

Siteswap: [66]

12 3stacks 200

12 ball triplex stacks

Siteswap: [444]

Secret Extra Throws! (juggling tutorial)

Secret Extra Throws! (juggling tutorial)

Cut multiplex patterns tutorial

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