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Slapback tricks by Iver Tronstad


Basics of Club Slapping

3 club slapback tutorial

Slapbacks are a trick where the clubs are under-rotated so that the shell end lands in your hand, and instead of catching the shell, you slap it to make the club rotate back in the other direction and catch it on the handle. Slapbacks were first performed by Bob Dupont in the 1940s.

Turnovers are a variation of this trick where you catch a club on the shell, then make it do a quick half rotation in the normal direction and catch it again on the handle.

Video (at 1:30): 4 club turnovers
Video 3 club reverse slapbacks by Ameron Rosvall

World records[]

Slapback world records with publicly available video evidence:

Unverified claims: