Sergei Ignatov
Sergei Ignatov

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11 rings qualified? (claim)

 Sergei Ignatov is a Russian juggler known for his numbers juggling. He was born on 23 August 1950[1] in Chemnitz, Germany, and was trained by Violetta Kiss at the Moscow circus school in the 1960s.[2]

Sergei is the inventor of pancake throws, the brother of Leonid Ignatov,[3] and the uncle of Sergey Ignatov Jr., who won the Advanced Ring competition in the World Juggling Federation Championships in both 2004 and 2008.[4]

Sergei's performances have included long runs of 5 club backcrosses,(video) 7 large balls,(video) a flash of 7 ring pancakes,(video) long runs of 9 rings,(video) and an 11 ring flash.(video) He first did 11 rings successfully in 1973, and he added it to his act a year later.[2]

Sergei was listed by JISCON for the 11 ring world record (11 catches on the 1991 IJA Highlights video, tied with Anthony Gatto's 11 ring flash from 1989)[5] until Anthony Gatto broke the record with 15 catches in 2000.[6] Anthony currently holds the official 11 ring world record with 17 catches, set in 2006.[7] Sergei is rumored to have qualified 11 rings (claim in Juggler's World), which Anthony claims to have done as well.


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Sergei Ignatov 7 Ring Routine

Sergei Ignatov 7 Ring Routine

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