Rudolf Levitskiy
Rudolf Levitskiy


YouTube: Rudolf Levitskiy

Highest numbers juggled

9 balls qualified
11 balls flashed
9 rings qualified
12 rings flashed
8 clubs flashed
18 ring passing flashed

  Rudolf Levitskiy (born in 1989) is a Russian juggler.

In 2008, he and Victor Teslenko were the first 2-person passing team to flash 18 rings.(video) In 2013, they and Alexander Kulakov set the (now surpassed) world record for the most rings passed between three people: 20 rings for 20 caught passes.(video)

Rudolf was the eighth person to flash 12 rings on video, and the 13th person to flash 8 clubs on video.


Improvisation. Jazz

11 rings pull down!!

11 rings pull down!!

11 ring flash with a pull down

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