This is a list of juggling tricks where the objects roll across parts of the juggler's body or on other things.

Body rolling Edit

Surface rolling Edit

Since gravity doesn't make the objects change direction after they are thrown, as it does in other forms of juggling, rolling objects on a horizontal surface requires other ways of making the objects return the juggler. Balls can be juggled by making them bounce off of something so that they roll back toward the juggler, by pushing them slowly enough that they don't roll out of reach, or by rolling them between multiple jugglers.(video)

Depending on the shape, angle, and rotation of the prop, different kinds of objects can travel along curved paths when rolled across a flat surface, which allows an object to roll out of reach and then return to the juggler by itself.(hoop video, club video, bowl video)

You can also juggle by rolling objects on angled surfaces(video) or curved surfaces.(circle video, cone video, bowl video)

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