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Learn to juggle RINGS - Beginner Juggling Tutorial

Ring juggling tutorial


Painless Ring Juggling (feat. Kathrin Wagner)

Ring juggling can be painful if you don't use the right techniques

Rings are flat, circular objects,[1] usually big enough to easily be placed around a juggler's neck. Their shape makes it possible to do tricks with them that can't be done with balls and clubs, such as pull downs and pancakes. Most jugglers consider balls to be easier to juggle than rings, but for some people rings are easier for numbers juggling, because they're lighter and very thin, so they collide less, and they are the easiest prop to collect.

The earliest known record of juggling with flat rings is from the instructional book The Art of Modern Juggling, written in 1904 or earlier.[2] Previously, jugglers had used other circular objects such as plates and hoops.

The highest number of rings that have been qualified (at least twice as many catches as objects) is 10, and the highest number of rings that have been flashed (same number of throws and catches as objects) is 13 (by Albert Lucas).[3]

3 rings[]


3 RIngs Juggling Ⅲ

3 ring tricks by Takaaki Matsumura

A 3 ring cascade is a little more difficult than a 3 ball cascade, because rings are much bigger than balls, so they have to be thrown higher, and the technique for throwing rings is different from the technique for throwing balls. The 3 ring endurance world record is 3 hours, 10 minutes, and 45 seconds by Max Kuschmierz.(video)

4 rings[]


4 ring juggling double blind kick

4 ring double blind kick by Jacob Weiss

4 rings are most commonly juggled in a fountain pattern (2 rings in each hand). The wimpy pattern is impractical for rings and clubs because of their size, though the reverse wimpy pattern with the rings turned sideways is less collision-prone. The world record for 4 rings is 1 hour, 40 minutes, and 5 seconds by Max Kuschmierz.(video)

5 rings[]


WJF 7 Live! DVD Short Program Teaser

5 ring competition routine by Doug Sayers

The basic pattern for 5 ring juggling is a higher (and/or faster) version of the 3 ring cascade. 5 is the minimum number of rings used in the intermediate and advanced WJF competitions.[4][5] The overall championship includes a 5 ring freestyle (best trick) competition, and until 2015 it also included a 5 ring 360s competition (most 5 up 360s in 1 minute).[5] The world record for 5 rings is 58 minutes and 22 seconds by Caio Stevanovich.(video) Thomas Dietz claims to have juggled 5 rings for 1 hour.(claim at 1:15:00)

6 rings[]


6 Ring Juggling Trick

6 ring breakdown by Jason Garfield

The WJF overall championship includes a 6 ring freestyle competition[5] (first held in 2006). In 2008, the overall championship also included a 6 ring 1 minute 360s competition with only 360s in asynch patterns allowed (winner: Thomas Dietz).[6] The world record for 6 rings is 6 minutes and 55 seconds by Eivind Dragsjø.(video)

7 rings[]


Sergei Ignatov 7 Ring Routine

7 ring routine by Sergei Ignatov

Until 1984, there were only two divisions in the IJA Numbers Championships - one for 7 objects (competitors could use either 7 balls or 7 rings in the same division) and one for 5 clubs. Since 1984, the IJA has had competitions with a separate division for each prop, where competitors are scored higher for juggling higher numbers.[7] The WJF overall championship includes a 7 rings freestyle competition, and until 2015 it also included 7 ring isolated endurance (an endurance contest with competitors standing on chairs to allow only accurate, controlled patterns).[8] The world record for 7 ring juggling is 15 minutes and 6 seconds by Anthony Gatto.[3](video)

8 rings[]


8 rings 8 up 360 qualify-0

8 ring 8 up 360s by Anthony Gatto

8 is the minimum number of rings used in the numbers endurance competitions at the IJA and the WJF.[9][5] The 8 ring juggling world record is 1 minute and 17 seconds by Anthony Gatto.[3](video) The following people have juggled 8 rings for at least 100 catches on video:

Other jugglers reported to have done at least 100 catches of 8 rings:

Tricks that have been done with 8 rings include:

9 rings[]


9 ring pirouette Samuel Pauwels

9 ring 9 up 360 to a collect by Samuel Pauwels

The first person to win the IJA's numbers endurance competition by juggling 9 rings was Albert Lucas, in 1984.[7] The following people have qualified 9 rings on video:

Tricks that have been done with 9 rings include:

10 rings[]


Albert Lucas 10 Ring Qualify

10 ring qualify by Albert Lucas

Freddy Zay is the first person credited with doing 10 rings.[10] 10 is the highest number of rings that have been qualified in any of the numbers endurance competitions at the IJA[11] and the WJF. The following jugglers have qualified 10 rings on video:

Other jugglers reported to have qualified 10 rings:

Tricks that have been done with 10 rings:

11 rings[]


11 rings pull down!!-0

11 ring flash with a pull down by Rudolf Levitskiy

Albert Petrovski was the first person to flash 11 rings, starting with the last ring held in his mouth.[14] He started performing with 11 in 1963.[15] No one has successfully juggled 11 rings in the numbers endurance competitions at the IJA and the WJF, which require a qualifying run,[11] or even qualified 11 rings on video in practice. The following jugglers have all flashed 11 rings on video:

Other jugglers reported to have flashed 11 rings:

Tricks that have been done with 11 rings:

12 rings[]


Anthony Gatto 12 Rings World Record

12 ring flash by Anthony Gatto

12 is the highest number of rings that have been performed onstage. The earliest account of juggling with 12 circular objects is from the Symposium by Xenophon, which describes a girl juggling 12 hoops in ancient Greece. The following jugglers have flashed 12 rings on video:

Jian Wen Qian(claim) and Scott Sorensen(claim) both claim to have flashed 12 rings, but don't have video evidence. Jean-Philippe Deltell has flashed 12 rings in a multiplex pattern.(video)

13 rings[]

Albert Lucas is the only person who has flashed 13 rings. He submitted the video to JISCON in 2002,[3] and he also showed it to jugglers at the IJA festival that year,[21] but other than that the video has never been made available to the public. Albert used a synch 14 ring pattern for 13 rings: (e,e)(e,e)(e,e)(e,e)(e,e)(e,e)(e,0), starting with 8 rings in his hands and 5 in holsters.[22]

Willy Colombaioni claims to have flashed 13 rings in the same pattern, catching all of them before falling down on the floor. He has posted a video, but it doesn't show the whole attempt continuously.

14 rings[]

Albert Lucas has claimed to have flashed 14 rings on video, but he didn't want to share the video because it didn't show the whole pattern.[23] In 2013, Albert showed a video of a 14 ring flash (with an edit in the middle switching to a different camera angle) to jugglers at the Japan Juggling Festival.[24]

Ameron Rosvall can run a 5-plex pattern with 14 rings,(video) and Rudolf Levitskiy has flashed a 14 in a duplex pattern.(video)

See also[]


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