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3 ball shoulder throws
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3 ball reverse shoulder throws
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4 ball shoulder throws
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4 ball reverse shoulder throws

A reverse shoulder throw is a throw made in front of the body where the object is caught behind the back in either hand, after going back over the shoulder on the same side where it's caught. A reverse shoulder throw that is caught in the left hand goes back over the left shoulder, whether it was thrown with the right hand or the left hand. Reverse shoulder throws are also called lazies.


  • Use a long hold time.
  • Throw the clubs almost flat, with very little rotation.
  • Make the catches slightly out to your side (but not too far from your body), rather than actually directly behind your back.

World records[]

Reverse shoulder throw world records with publicly available video evidence:

Records with insufficient video evidence:


Tony Pezzo 4 club lazies pirouette

4 club 2 up 360 in lazies by Tony Pezzo


Three Club Lazies Tutorial

3 club lazies tutorial

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