4p 13 2count random feed
The random feed is a feed where the feeder can pass to the feedees in any order, instead of following a fixed pattern.

A random feed can be done using three objects per person plus one more, in a way similar to a 3-person 10 object feed:

  • Each feedee juggles a 3 object cascade.
  • Each feedee throws with the right hand while the feeder is throwing with the left hand and vice versa.
  • The feeder does a 2-count, throwing passed 4s and self 3s.
  • Whenever the feeder passes to a feedee, that feedee passes a 4 to the feeder on the next beat.

Since a feedee doesn't have to pass until after they see the feeder pass, the feedees don't have to know in advance when the feeder is going to pass to them, so the feeder can pass to them in a random order.

SJRI Extra-Club Random Feed (3 feedees)

SJRI Extra-Club Random Feed (3 feedees)

4-person 13 club random feed

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