Quadruple rotations or quads are throws where each club rotates four times before being caught. The basic patterns for 8 and 9 clubs are usually done with quads, but some jugglers use triples for 8. Tricks that can be done using quads include 3 club 1080s, 4 and 5 club 720s, 5 club 97531, and 6 and 7 club 360s.

Quads with less than 8 clubs is a more difficult trick than the basic patterns for those numbers, which are normally done with singles, doubles, or triples. Those numbers can be done with quads at their normal heights, using fast spins, or in a slower pattern, with the same kinds of high throws that would be used to juggle 8 or 9 clubs.

7 club run

7 club run

7 club quads

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