Pinball tricks by Adam Kapilow


Tutorial pinball style juggling

Pinball style juggling tutorial

Pinball style juggling is a trick invented by Komei Aoki where you juggle balls in a low pattern, throwing them against your body and letting them roll down your arms. You should keep your arms fairly straight at your sides and throw the balls mostly using your wrists.

This trick is easy to do without looking at the pattern, and can be done either in front of or behind your body. Pinball style is the easiest way to juggle more than 3 balls blind behind the back.

World records[edit | edit source]

If during a pinball juggling attempt, a ball lands on top of another ball that is held in the hand, so that the ball has clearly stopped rolling down the arm before the other ball is thrown, that will be considered collecting, and thus only allowed at the end of a run.

Pinball world records (juggling in front of the body) with publicly available video evidence:

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