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Peter Bone
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Former 11-12 ball world record holder


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Highest numbers juggled

9 balls qualified
12 balls flashed
13 balls flashed? (claim)
7 clubs qualified

 Peter Bone is a British numbers juggler.[1] He started juggling in 1991,[2] and he became the fourth person to flash 12 balls on video in 2006, four years before anyone did more than a flash with 12.[3][4]

Peter claimed to have juggled 11 balls for 18 catches in 2003[1] (when the official world record was 15 catches),[5] but he didn't get it on video until 2010 - setting a new world record just 3 days after Alex Barron had broken the 11 ball record with 17 catches.[6][7] Alex broke Peter's record with 19 catches 4 days later, and currently holds the 11 ball world record with 33 catches.[8] Peter's best 11 ball run on video is now 19 catches, which he did while he and Alex were making a video together 6 days after Alex did 19 catches. He claims to have done 11 for 20 catches about a year later.

Peter claims to have done 13 catches of 12 balls in 2005[9] (more than the world record at the time),[10] and to have flashed 13 balls in 2005, when he had only tried it about a hundred times.[11] (No one flashed 13 balls on video until 2011.)

Peter has created several juggling-related computer programs, including an extremely fast siteswap validating text search, siteswap pattern and transition generators and animators, and a continuously random siteswap screensaver. He also created the Pivot stick-figure animator, and a Rubik's cube simulator that can create a range of puzzles from 2x2x2 to 50x50x50.