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A pancake throw is a type of trick throw invented by Sergei Ignatov where a ring rotates in the air in a visible way, with the top rotating toward the juggler like a club.


5 ring pancake pirouette

5 ring pancake 360s by Anthony Gatto


  • Hold the rings with your fingers spread wide for better control.
  • Hold the rings horizontal, not tilted inward, so they won't wobble.
  • Widen the pattern before transitioning into pancakes from the basic pattern.

World records[]

Pancake world records with publicly available video evidence:

Records with insufficient video evidence:

Unverified claims:


  • Flats - similar to pancakes, but the rings stay horizontal and don't rotate visibly. (video)
  • Outside pancake throws - Outside throws done as pancakes, with the bottom of a ring rotating in the direction of the hand the ring is thrown from. (video)
  • Helicopters - a ring stays vertical and rotates visibly around the vertical axis. (video)
  • Pancake neck catch - a pancake throw caught around the neck. (video)
  • Pancake pull down - a pull down with one of the rings thrown as a pancake and caught around the neck, normally landing after the rest of the rings are already around the neck. (video)
  • Super pancake pull down - a pancake pull down with the pancake thrown before any rings are placed around the neck. (video)