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3 rev 200

3 ball reverse cascade

(outside throws)

3 200

3 ball basic cascade

(inside throws)

A basic 3 ball cascade is done with inside throws, where the balls are thrown on the inside of the pattern and caught on the outside. Each throw goes underneath the incoming ball.

In a cascade done with outside throws, the balls are thrown on the outside of the pattern and caught on the inside. Each throw goes over the top of the incoming ball. This pattern is called a reverse cascade or a full reverse, because this is what a video of a normal cascade looks like if you play it in reverse.

4 rev 200

4 ball asynch reverse fountain

44 sync rev 200

4 ball synch reverse fountain

5 rev 200

5 ball reverse cascade

A pattern where one hand does outside throws and the other does inside throws is called a halfshower.

3O3I 200

3 ball halfshower

4xO4xI 200

4 ball synch halfshower

5O3I 200

4 ball asynch halfshower

Other patterns that combine inside and outside throws include tennis (a basic cascade with an outside throw every third throw) and reverse tennis (a reverse cascade with an inside throw every third throw).

3O3I3I 200

3 ball tennis

3O3O3I 200

3 ball reverse tennis

5O5I5I5I5I 200

5 ball tennis

Outside throws with rings and clubs are usually done as flat fronts.



4 and 5 ball inside/outside patterns by Paul Lind


Your First 3-Ball Juggling Tricks

3 ball outside throws tutorial

World records[]

Full reverse world records with publicly available video evidence:

Unverified claims:

  • 7 ball reverse: 1 minute+ by Daryl Sims in 1994 (claim)

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