For the notation system commonly used to write juggling patterns as sequences of numbers, see Siteswap.

Numbers juggling is juggling high numbers of objects. More specific definitions include:

  • Practicing with the goal of being able to juggle more objects than you already can
  • Juggling at least 8 balls, 8 rings, or 6 clubs
  • Practicing juggling a number of objects that you don't currently have solid
  • Practicing juggling more objects than you expect to ever master


The IJA and the WJF hold endurance competitions for numbers juggling, where each participant is allowed either a certain number of tries or a certain amount of time to try to do a good run with a given number of props. The judges count how many catches each person does, and compare each competitor's best attempt. Only catches made before the time when the first dropped object should have been caught are counted. After qualifying a number, a competitor may choose to try to qualify the next higher number. The winner of a numbers endurance competition is the person who gets the most catches with the highest number of objects qualified. There are separate numbers endurance competitions for balls, rings, clubs, and bounce juggling. Up to 9 balls, 10 rings, 7 clubs, and 10 bouncing balls have been qualified in these competitions.

World recordsEdit

14 Ball Flash

14 Ball Flash

14 ball flash by Alex Barron

Brian Koenig -- IJA Video Tutorial Contest 2016

Brian Koenig -- IJA Video Tutorial Contest 2016

Tutorial for flashing high numbers of balls

Most objects qualified:

Most objects flashed:

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