Norbi Whitney
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2005 WJF Intermediate Ring champion


Juggling Records: Norbi
Instagram: JugglerNorbi
YouTube: Norbi Whitney

Highest numbers juggled

8 balls qualified
8 rings qualified
9 rings flashed
5 clubs qualified
6 clubs flashed
3 diabolos qualified


2005 WJF Int. Ring champion
2006 WJF Int. Ring Silver Medal

2005 BYJotY Prix du Jury
2005 BYJotY Silver Award
2006 BTJotY Silver Award

 Thomas Norbert Stanley Bunker-Whitney (born 8 February 1987), known as Norbi, is a professional juggler and circus artist from England. He is currently living in Canada, having graduated from l'École de Cirque de Québec. He taught himself to juggle 3 tennis balls in October 2002.[1][2]

Norbi won the Intermediate Ring competition at WJF 2 in 2005,[3] and has won several awards in the British Young Juggler of the Year competition.[4] He was featured on Luke Burrage's Top 40 Most Popular Jugglers chart two years in a row (2005-2006).[5][6]

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