A neck catch is a finishing move for ball juggling, where you bend over and catch the last ball on the back of your neck. This trick can also be done in reverse, so as you stand back up the ball rolls up and off the back of your head and comes back down into your hands.

Neck catch tutorial video

Pancake neck catchEdit

With rings, you can do a different kind of neck catch: Make a pancake throw or a flat throw, and catch it around your neck. Pancake neck catches are most commonly done as part of a pull down.(video) The pancake can be thrown at any point during the pull down, and normally lands after the rest of the rings have been placed around the neck. In a super pancake pull down, the pancake is thrown before placing any rings around the neck.(video) You can also do a pancake neck catch without doing a pull down, and keep juggling the rest of the rings.(video)

Dietz Learns the Neck Catch

Dietz Learns the Neck Catch

Thomas Dietz learns to do a neck catch

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