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The NORWIK juggling ball is a type of Russian style ball created by Norwegian juggler Kristian Wanvik in 2011. A NORWIK ball is constructed from a spherical and hollow plastic shell, and filled to about 20% of its total volume with fine-grained sand. The balls are offered in two different sizes:

  • 75mm, 67 grams
  • 60mm, 53 grams

In 2014, NORWIK introduced a new weighted ball named the Viking Norwik, which is offered in 75mm and 5 different weights:

  • 134 grams
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  • 201 grams
  • 268 grams
  • 335 grams
  • 402 grams

The standard size is by far the most popular model. NORWIKs are offered in 5 vibrant colors (yellow, orange, red, green, and blue) as well as white.

The NORWIK juggling balls have gained popularity since their release in late 2011, and are used by a number of jugglers worldwide. The NORWIK balls' biggest market is currently Scandinavia and northern Europe.

The NORWIK website lists several advantages of using NORWIK balls:

  • They are big enough to be visible on stage, and small enough to easily hold and release four with one hand.
  • They don't stick to each other or to your hands.
  • The sand makes them much easier to throw cleanly than other balls, including other Russians.
  • They are very light, so you can make high throws more easily and juggle longer without getting tired.
  • The don't wobble in the air like other Russian balls sometimes do.
  • They have more air resistance than smaller balls, so they move a little more slowly in the air.
  • They are very easy to catch due to all the sand going to the bottom of the ball.
  • They are very good for balancing, pinball style juggling, and BBB.
  • They have a very dead drop compared to other Russian style balls that are filled more.
  • A tiny air hole in the ball helps it keep its size and roundness better than other Russians.

Some jugglers that use NORWIKs: