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Mills mess is a trick invented by Steve Mills. The pattern is a repeating sequence of three different kinds of throws:


7b mills attempt

7 ball Mills mess by Daniel Eaker

  • The first throw is an outside throw. The next catch made by the hand making this throw should be done with that arm crossed over the other arm.
  • The second throw is made under the arm, and the arms stay crossed so that the next catch made by that hand is also done under the arm.
  • The third throw is made starting with the arms crossed, uncrossing them while throwing with the hand that's on top. This prop, when thrown with the right hand, goes over the top of the pattern from left to right. The next catch made by the hand making this throw should be done with the arms uncrossed.

These three throws are done starting with the right hand and the left hand alternately.

Unless this trick is combined with a siteswap, in a Mills mess pattern with an odd number of objects the objects are always thrown with one hand and caught with the other hand, and in a pattern with an even number of objects each object is always thrown and caught with the same hand. Because all the throws are made on the outside of the pattern, it's easier to transition into Mills mess from a reverse cascade or fountain than from the basic pattern.

3 mess 200.gif

3 ball Mills mess

4 mess 200.gif

4 ball Mills mess

5 mess 200.gif

5 ball Mills mess


Learn to juggle MILLS MESS - Intermediate Juggling Tutorial

3 ball Mills mess tutorial


How to juggle 4 BALL MILLS MESS - Advanced Juggling Tutorial

4 ball Mills mess tutorial

World records[]

Mills mess records with publicly available video evidence:

  • 3 ball Mills mess: 2 hours, 58 minutes, and 28 seconds by Jason Armstrong in 2019 (video)
  • 4 ball Mills mess: 21 minutes and 22 seconds by Dominik Braun in 2018 (video)
  • 5 ball Mills mess: 10 minutes and 43 seconds by Thomas Dietz in 2009 (video)
  • 6 ball Mills mess: 1 minute and 26 seconds by Adolfo Almonacid in 2020 (video)
  • 7 ball Mills mess: 22 catches by Michael Pearce in 2018 (video)

Records with insufficient video evidence:

  • 4 ball Mills mess: 22 minutes and 58 seconds by Patrick Quin in 2018 (video no longer available)

Unverified claims:

Alternative names[]


3 Flo's mess 200.gif

Flo's mess

After the under-the-arm throw, you uncross your arms and do an outside throw instead of doing a cross-armed throw.

3 4beat mess 200.gif

Half mess or single Lubman

Three throws of Mills mess followed by another outside throw so you start from the same side each time you repeat the pattern.

3 rev mess 200.gif

Reverse Mills mess

For 3 balls, this is the same as a normal Mills mess except the under the arm throw is made on the inside of the pattern, going up in between the other two balls.


Reverse Mills Mess (In Time) Juggling Tutorial 27

Reverse Mills mess tutorial

315 mess 200.gif

531 mess with the 5 under the arm

153 mess 200.gif

531 mess with the 3 under the arm

531 mess 200.gif

531 mess with the 1 under the arm

336 mess 200.gif

633 mess with the 6 under the arm

363 mess 200.gif

633 mess with the first 3 under the arm

633 mess 200.gif

633 mess with the second 3 under the arm

456 mess 200.gif

645 mess with the 6 under the arm

564 mess 200.gif

645 mess with the 4 under the arm

645 mess 200.gif

645 mess with the 5 under the arm