Luke Burrage
Luke Burrage
Former 17-19 ball passing world record holder

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Highest numbers juggled

9 balls qualified
11 balls flashed
12 ball flashed? (claim)
9 rings flashed
7 clubs qualified
19 ball passing flashed

 Luke Burrage (born 26 August 1980) is a British juggler, musician, entertainer and author. He was born in Kent, but lived most of his life in the North East of England. He has lived in Berlin, Germany since 2005,[1] and has performed on all seven continents.[2]

Luke started juggling at the age of 11[3] and has been a professional juggler since 2003. He has performed with up to 10 balls and 7 clubs.[4] Luke Burrage and Ben Beever formerly held the top world records for numbers ball passing - they flashed 17 and 18 ball ultimates in 2003,(video) and 19 ball ultimates in 2008.[5](video)

Luke has compiled a list of the Top 40 Most Popular Jugglers of each year since 2003. Luke has been on the Top 40 Jugglers chart every year so far. He ranked 4th on the list in 2004.[6]

At IJA 2004, Luke won the People's Choice Award[7] and placed in three competitions:[8]

In 2005, Luke founded the British Young Juggler of the Year event, a show and competition that takes place at the British Juggling Convention.[1] He has hosted the main stage shows at every European Juggling Convention since 2005.[4]

Luke Burrage did not invent the tricks Luke's shuffle or Burke's barrage, but he did invent Burke's BurrageLuke's barrageLuke's deal, and Luke's lobotomy, and he independently invented Luke's ear ring trick, which was originally invented by Luke Wilson.[9] Luke also invented beatmap notation,[10] and helped develop the rules for two popular variations of combat, called Team Combat and Fight Night.[1]


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Ball Juggling 2001 to 2003 - Luke Burrage's Thing on the Net Archive

Ball Juggling 2001 to 2003 - Luke Burrage's Thing on the Net Archive

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