Luca Pferdmenges
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12 ball passing world record holder


YouTube: Luca Pferdmenges
Instagram: lucapferdmenges

Highest numbers juggled

11 balls flashed
7 rings qualified
7 clubs qualified

 Luca Pferdmenges (born 24 August 2001) is a German juggler from Mönchengladbach in the region of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

He holds the following world records:

  • Most connected 3 club 3 up 180s: 210 in 2017 (video)

His other biggest achievements include:

  • 11 club back-to-back passing qualify with Daniel Ledel (video)
  • 12 club passing qualify with Daniel Ledel (video)
  • 11 ball flash (video)
  • 5 club backcrosses for over 100 catches (video)
  • 8 balls for over 100 catches (video)

His favorite props are clubs. He uses Henry's Pirouette Grips in orange and blue. With balls, he practices numbers and siteswaps from time to time, as well as 360s, backcrosses, and endurance runs.

Luca is also known for often attending German juggling conventions. He says that his biggest idols were Manuel Mitasch, Daniel Ledel, and Dominik Harant.

Due to his performance on the TV show Superkids at the age of 14, he enjoys a strong fan base from non-jugglers.

He has been featured in the Top 40 Jugglers list five years in a row (2015-2019).

Luca -1

Luca -1

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