A common passing formation is for all the jugglers to stand in a straight line, with the people at the ends of the line facing each other. Normally for a 3-person line, the person standing behind the person in the middle throws long passes all the way to the opposite end of the line, and the middle person receives passes from the person in front of them, and passes diagonally to the person behind them.

3p 9 2count line 200

A 3-person line.

4p 12 2count line 200

A 4-person line - just like the 3-person line, but with an extra middle juggler.

4p 12 2count symm line 200

A more symmetrical 4-person line, with the two middle jugglers facing each other and both passing back to the outer jugglers, who throw to the opposite middle person.

3 person - 15 club passing world record

3 person - 15 club passing world record

15 club line by Daniel Ledel, Dominik Harant, and Florian Canaval

SJRI Russian Typewriter

SJRI Russian Typewriter

Typewriter feed in a line formation

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