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Joëlle Huguenin
Joelle Huguenin.jpg
2008 WJF Women's Division champion


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Highest numbers juggled

7 balls solid
5 clubs solid
6 clubs flashed
7 clubs flashed?

 Joëlle Huguenin is a Swiss juggler. She learned to juggle 3 balls in 1999 when she was eight and a half years old, and she started attending juggling classes at Ecole de Cirque Larbi in Neuchatel at age 10.[1][2]

At WJF 5 in 2008, Joëlle won first place in the Women's Division Ball and Club competitions,[3] and also participated in three competitions in the Overall Championship - 7 Ball Isolated Endurance, 5 Club Backcross Isolated Endurance, and 5 Ball 360s.[4]



Joëlle Huguenin's Performances at WJF 5

Joëlle competing and performing at WJF 5