Jian Wen Qian is the youngest member of the Qian Brothers, a trio of Chinese jugglers.

He specializes in numbers juggling with rings. In their act, Jian Wen has performed over 50 catches of 8 rings, a 9 ring qualify with a pull down, a 10 ring flash with a pull down, and 21 ring passing with his brothers, Jian Ping Qian and Jian Hua Qian. In practice, he claims to have flashed 12 rings, which only eight other people are known to have done.

The Qian Brothers have performed with the Big Apple Circus and with Ringling Brothers Circus. They have won numerous awards, including gold medals at the Chinese National Acrobatic competition in Beijing in 1976 and at the Cirque de Demain competition in Paris in 1986.

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