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To educate and render assistance to fellow jugglers.
To provide an accessible source of information pertaining to juggling to jugglers and the public.
To record and maintain the history of juggling.


June 17, 1947


George Barvinchak
Bill Dunham
Jack Green
Art Jennings
Eddie Johnson
Bernard Joyce
Harry Lind
Roger Montandon


Ross Berenson


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 The International Jugglers' Association (IJA) is the oldest and largest organization of jugglers, founded in 1947.

The IJA holds the largest week-long juggling festival in North America, with competitions, workshops, and public shows. The festival is held in a different North American city each year, usually in the United States, during mid-to-late July.

The official publication of the IJA is eJuggle, an online magazine that replaced the printed JUGGLE magazine in 2011.

IJA competitions[]

The IJA's Stage Championships are competitions for juggling performances, held during the IJA's annual festival. There are three categories in the Stage Championships: Individuals (individual competitors), Teams (two or more people per team) and Juniors (individuals 17 years old or younger). First, second and third place winners in the Stage Championships are awarded medals and cash prizes.

In the Numbers Championships, the goal is to juggle (qualify) the most balls (there are competitions for both toss juggling and bounce juggling), rings or clubs for the highest number of catches. Each competitor is given two minutes to get their best run with each number/prop. There are three categories of numbers competitions: individuals, duos and trios. (The trios division only has competitions for club passing.) Starting at the 2006 convention, a prize is given to each Numbers winner, with an extra prize for anyone who breaks an IJA competition record.

Other competitions held at the IJA festival include the eXtreme Juggling Competitions and the World Joggling Championships, as well as traditional (and more informal) juggling Games, such as 5 ball endurance, 3 ball Simon says, combat, speed passing, and club gathering.

IJA champions[]

Stage championships[]

Year Individuals Teams Juniors
1969 All Around Champion: George Zsilak
1970 All Around Champion: Danny Rees
1971 All Around Champion: Tommy Curtin
1972 Medalists: John McPeak, Stu Raynolds, Eddie Tierney
1973 Jerry Greenberg (Balls, Clubs, Object Manipulation, Auxilary Equipment) Martin Gray
1974 Jay Green (Balls, Clubs, Manipulation), Michael Moschen (Auxilary) Nate Stein
1975 Medalists: Michael Moschen, Pam Doyle, Jerry Greenberg, Steve Mills, Dick Franco, Peter Cuneen
1976 John McPeak (Balls and Manipulation), Steve Mills (Clubs), Bob Bryant (Auxilary) Norm Johnson
1977 Robert Morganti (Balls), Barrett Felker (Clubs), Mike Marlin (Manipulation), Claude Crumley (Auxilary) Lenny Mazel
1978 Barret Felker (Balls and Clubs), Steve Mock (Manipulation), Edward Jackman (Auxilary) Fred Garbo & Allan Jacobs Ben Decker
1979 Edward Jackman Wimbledon Bros Lindsey Morris
1980 Michael Kass Magnificent Material Movers Kezia Tenenbaum
1981 Tommy Curtin Gravity's Last Stand Anthony Gatto
1982 Peter Davison Airjazz Andrew Allen
1983 Allan Jacobs Bryan Wendling & Scott Burton David Deeble
1984 Albert Lucas Raspyni Brothers David Lee
1985 Andrew Head Benji Hill & Dana Tison Ken Falk
1986 Anthony Gatto Jet Set Jugglers Robbie Weinstein
1987 Benji Hill Manic Expressions Curt Bonnem
1988 Jeff Mason Raspyni Brothers Jason Garfield
1989 Cindy Marvell The Passing Zone Jonathan Rosenberg
1990 Mark Nizer Darn, Good & Funny Chuck Gunter
1991 Andrew Head Doubble Troubble Pat McGuire
1992 Miguel Herrera Chuck Gunter & Benji Hill Sean McKinney
1993 Fritz Grobe Chuck Gunter & Benji Hill Jay Gilligan
1994 Tony Duncan Crash & Burn Joey Cousin
1995 Françoise Rochais Blink Vladik Miagkostoupov
1996 Greg Kennedy Dew Drop Jugglers Casey Boehmer
1997 Vladik Miagkostoupov Mark & Charlie Peachock Adam Kariotis
1998 Jason Garfield Les Tourisks Jeff Civillico
1999 Adam Kariotis The Mad Five Peter Gerber
2000 Michael Price Redefining Gravity Chris Chiappini
2001 Matt Henry The LaSalle Brothers David DiMuzio
2002 Jason Garfield Saccade Ryo Yabe
2003 Bill Berry Team Rootberry Jon Brady
2004 Thomas Dietz Olga & Vova Galchenko Wes Peden
2005 Ryo Yabe Jonglissimo Kazuhiro Shindo
2006 Artem Khomanko MHD William Wei-Liang-Lin
2007 Thomas Dietz Jonglissimo Yoshiaki Nagatake
2008 Vova Galchenko Sharpe Brothers Takashi Kikyo
2009 Doug Sayers The Jugheads Liu-Wen Yeh
2010 Jorden Moir Dream Team Noah Malone
2011 Tony Pezzo Showy Motion David Ferman
2012 Satoshi Eto Daniel Ledel & Dominik Harant Kellin Quinn
2013 Kyle Driggs The Pastels Ashley Ellis
2014 Kota Hayashi Institute of Jugglology Jack Denger
2015 Yusaku Mochizuki Kentokaito Delaney Bayles
2016 Hiroki Kamei Jonglissimo Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse
2017 Hayato Watanabe New Style Crew Bennett Santora
2018 Masayuki Furuya Cosmic Cousins Sho Kasuya
2019 Zak McAllister Zak & Delaney Christopher Haaser
2020 Hazel Bock David Pavlove Cunsolo
2021 Adam Dipert Raising Cain Nikolai Marshall
2022 Pun Ho Lam Matthew Walmsley
2023 Shih Rong Huang Manuel Mitasch & Moritz Rosner

OFFICIAL 2012 IJA Festival DVD Trailer

Individual Numbers championships[]

Before 1979, there was only one Numbers competition, where competitors were allowed to use either 7 objects (balls or rings) or 5 clubs. From 1979 to 1984 there were two separate divisions in the Numbers Championships - one for 7 objects and one for 5 clubs. Starting in 1984 the IJA has had numbers competitions with a separate division for each prop, where competitors can attempt to juggle higher numbers, and those who successfully juggled higher numbers are scored higher. The Numbers competitions currently require a minimum of 8 balls, 8 rings, or 6 clubs. No bounce juggling was allowed in the Numbers competitions until a separate division for ball bouncing was added in 1993.

Year Balls Rings Clubs Ball Bouncing
1970 Albert Lucas (using rings)
1971 Bill Gnadt (using 7 objects)
1973 Stu Raynolds
1974 Ken Benge (using clubs)
1976 Steve Mills (using clubs)
1977 Barrett Felker (using clubs)
1978 Steve Mills (using clubs)
1979 Edward Jackman (using rings) Mitch Kelly
1980 Edward Jackman Peter Davison
1981 Rande Aronson Daniel Rosen
1982 Tony Duncan (using balls) Peter Davison
1983 Tony Duncan Anthony Gatto
1984 Dan Bennett Albert Lucas (won the ring Numbers Challenge and the 7 object endurance competition) Albert Lucas
1985 Dan Bennett Dan Bennett
1986 Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto
1987 Dana Tison Dana Tison Dana Tison
1988 Frank Olivier Bob Mendelsohn
1989 Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto
1990 Jason Garfield Jason Garfield Andrew Senske, Bruce Tiemann
1991 Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto
1992 Barry Rosenberg
1993 Alan Morgan Scott Sorensen Corey Hoelker Fritz Grobe
1994 Bruce Sarafian Scott Sorensen Jay Gilligan Jay Gilligan
1995 Bruce Sarafian Scott Sorensen Françoise Rochais Malkenthin Hannes
1996 Joey Cousin Albert Lucas Scott Sorensen Ram Prasad
1997 Bruce Sarafian Scott Sorensen Darin Marriott Ram Prasad
1998 Jason Garfield Jason Garfield Vladik Miagkostoupov David Cain
1999 Peter Blanchard, Joey Cousin Dana Tison Scott Sorensen Emile Carey
2000 Jason Garfield Jason Garfield Jason Garfield Ben Jennings
2001 Peter Blanchard Jason Garfield Darin Marriott Nate Seefeldt
2002 Sam Hartford Albert Lucas Peter Kaseman Jonathan Root
2003 Anthony Peterson Nicolas Souren, Sam Hartford Peter Kaseman John Jones
2004 Thomas Dietz Dana Tison Peter Kaseman Christian Kloc
2005 Grysha Lovigin Scott Sorensen Manuel Mitasch Christian Kloc
2006 Doug Sayers Scott Sorensen Doug Sayers Frida Brinkmann
2007 Doug Sayers, Thomas Dietz Sean Blue Vova Galchenko Robert Mosher III
2008 Daniel Eaker, Vova Galchenko Scott Sorensen Vova Galchenko Robert Mosher III
2009 Daniel Eaker Dana Tison Daniel Eaker Christian Kloc
2010 Doug Sayers Doug Sayers Doug Sayers Doug Sayers
2011 Doug Sayers Scott Sorensen Ben Thompson John Jones
2012 Doug Sayers Pavel Evsukevich Jack Denger Doug Sayers
2013 Doug Sayers Sam Malcolm, Manuel Mitasch Jack Denger Doug Sayers
2014 Brian Koenig, Vladik Miagkostoupov Scott Sorensen Jack Denger John Jones
2015 Matan Presberg Scott Sorensen Kento Tanioka Christian Kloc
2016 Matan Presberg Scott Sorensen Manuel Mitasch John Jones
2017 Matan Presberg Scott Sorensen Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse Christian Kloc
2018 Matan Presberg Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse Wes Peden Christian Kloc
2019 Matan Presberg Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse Nick Jamesson
2021 Tom Whitfield Daniel Lysenko Moritz Rosner Christian Kloc
2022 Doug Sayers Spencer Androli Spencer Androli Christian Kloc
2023 Tom Whitfield Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse Manuel Mitasch Christian Kloc

Passing Numbers championships[]

Year Balls Rings Clubs Ball Bouncing Club Trios
1988 Barry Friedman & Frank Olivier Bob Mendelsohn & Owen Morse Barry Friedman & Frank Olivier
1989 Johnnie Scarcello & Andrew Senske Johnnie Scarcello & Andrew Senske Nick & Alex Karvounis
1990 Allen Knutson & Dave Morton Bob Mendelsohn & Owen Morse Owen Morse & Jon Wee
1991 Allen Knutson & Jack Boyce Nick & Alex Karvounis Nick & Alex Karvounis
1992 Owen Morse & Jon Wee
1993 Allen Knutson & Morton Hansen David Cain & Jay Gilligan Owen Morse & Jon Wee Fritz Grobe & Jay Gilligan
1994 Allen Knutson & Greg Warrington David Cain & Jay Gilligan Jimmy Robertson & Todd Blair Fritz Grobe & Jay Gilligan Barry Rosenberg, Arthur Lewbel & Benjamin Elfant
1995 Joey Cousin & Bruce Sarafian Nick & Alex Karvounis Nick & Alex Karvounis Fran Favorini & Fred Strempel David Cain, Mark Peachock & Merry Spahr
1996 David & Scott Cain David Cain & Scott Sorensen Peter Kaseman & Randy Lyman Fran Favorini & Fred Strempel David & Scott Cain & Jack Kalvan
1997 Joey Cousin & Bruce Sarafian Charlie & Mark Peachock Heather Hackett & Darin Marriott Morten Hansen & Ben Jennings David & Scott Cain & Jack Kalvan
1998 David & Scott Cain Brian Patz & Rob Weinstein Heather Hackett & Darin Marriott David & Scott Cain & Jack Kalvan
1999 David Cain & Nathan Dorrell Sean Gandini & Jay Gilligan Heather Hackett & Darin Marriott David Cain & Nathan Dorrell Matt Jergens, Mark Nading & Marty LaSalle
2000 Peter Kaseman & Darin Marriott David Cain & Darin Marriott Todd Blair & Darin Marriott Emile Carey & Ben Jennings Heather Hackett, Peter Kaseman & Darin Marriott
2001 Sam Hartford & Josiah Jones Darin Marriott & Scott Sorensen Darin & Heather Marriott Dave Critchfield & John Jones Darin & Heather Marriott & Peter Kaseman
2002 Peter Kaseman & Darin Marriott Darin & Heather Mariott Darin & Heather Mariott Darin & Heather Marriott & Peter Kaseman
2003 Peter Kaseman & Darin Marriott Darin & Heather Mariott Olga & Vova Galchenko Morten Hansen & Ben Jennings Darin & Heather Marriott & Peter Kaseman
2004 Nate Martin & Kelvin Ying Darin & Heather Mariott Peter Kaseman & Darin Marriott Dave Critchfield & John Jones Darin & Heather Marriott & Peter Kaseman
2005 Nate Martin & Kelvin Ying Peter Blanchard & Scott Sorensen Vova Galchenko & Peter Kaseman Dave Critchfield & John Jones Peter & Laura Kaseman & Jimmy Robertson
2006 Nate Martin & Kelvin Ying Peter Blanchard & Scott Sorensen Tsushi & Takashi Kikyo Dave Critchfield & John Jones
2007 Bruce Bailey & Doug Sayers Christoph & Manuel Mitasch Vova Galchenko & Peter Kaseman Tsushi & Takashi Kikyo & Vova Galchenko
2008 Stefan Brancel & Ben Hestness Vova Galchenko & Peter Kaseman Christian Kloc & Robert Mosher III, Dave Critchfield & John Jones Alan Thompson, Carey Wagoner & Thom Wall
2009 Bruce Bailey & Doug Sayers Stefan Brancel & Ben Hestness Doug Sayers & Peter Kaseman Dave Critchfield & John Jones Ben Hestness, Stefan Brancel & Sean Carney
2010 Andrew & Chris Hodge Doug Sayers & Josh Horton Doug Sayers & Peter Kaseman Dave Critchfield & John Jones Doug Sayers, Peter Kaseman & Thom Wall
2011 Andrew & Chris Hodge Doug Sayers & Tony Pezzo Doug Sayers & Peter Kaseman Dave Critchfield & John Jones Ben Hestness, Stefan Brancel & Sean Carney
2012 Doug Sayers & Stefan Brancel Doug Sayers & Stefan Brancel Daniel Ledel & Dominik Harant Dave Critchfield & John Jones Daniel Ledel, Dominik Harant & Florian Canaval
2013 Doug Sayers & Peter Kaseman Daniel Ledel & Dominik Harant Daniel Ledel & Dominik Harant Dave Critchfield & John Jones Dominik Harant, Daniel Ledel & Manuel Mitasch
2014 Ben Thompson & Peter Kaseman Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse & Noah Schmeissner Stefan Brancel & Peter Kaseman Dave Critchfield & John Jones Warren Hammond, Stefan Brancel & Peter Kaseman
2015 Peter Kaseman & Stefan Brancel Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse & Stefan Brancel Stefan Brancel & Peter Kaseman Dave Critchfield & John Jones
2016 Daniel Ledel & Dominik Harant Dominik Harant & Manual Mitasch Manuel Mitasch & Daniel Ledel David Critchfield & John Jones Dominik Harant, Daniel Ledel & Manuel Mitasch
2017 Peter Kaseman & Doug Sayers Noah Schmeissner & Jonah Botvinik-Greenhouse Stefan Brancel & Peter Kaseman Doug Sayers & Christian Kloc, David Critchfield & John Jones Nicholas Aikens, Peter Kaseman & Stefan Brancel
2018 Noah Schmeissner & Jonah Botvinik-Greenhouse Jonah Botvinik-Greenhouse & Noah Schmeissner Tony Kaseman & Peter Kaseman David Critchfield & John Jones Jack Levy, Sean Carney, and Brenden Ying
2019 Tom Whitfield & Mark Pender-Bare Zak McAllister & Delaney Bayles Jack Levy and Ben Hestness David Critchfield & John Jones Ben Hestness, Chris Lovdal, & Jack Levy
2022 Doug Sayers & Peter Kaseman Noah Schmeissner & Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse Peter Kaseman & Stefan Brancel John Jones & Dave Critchfield Tony Kaseman, Peter Kaseman, & Stefan Brancel
2023 Doug Sayers & Noah Schmeissner Noah Schmeissner & Doug Sayers Mortiz Rosner & Manuel Mitasch Christian Kloc & Adrian Goldwaser