Guillaume Karpowicz
Guillaume Karpowicz.png
5-6 diabolo high world record holder


YouTube: Guillaume Karpowicz guillaumekarpowicz
Instagram: guillaumekarpowicz

Highest numbers juggled

5 diabolos qualified
6 diabolos flashed
8 diabolo passing qualified
10 diabolo passing flashed

 Guillaume Karpowicz (born 26 May 1993) is a French diaboloist living in Berlin, Germany. He is the only person who has qualified both 5 diabolos high(video) and 5 diabolos low.(video) He was the first person to flash 6 diabolos low, in 2016.(video)

Guillaume holds the following world records:

  • 5 diabolos high: 122 catches in 2018 (video)
  • 6 diabolos high: 14 catches in 2018 (video)

Guillaume Karpowicz 2016

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