Frida Odden Brinkmann
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2006 IJA Numbers Ball Bouncing champion

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Vimeo: Frida Odden Brinkmann
Instagram: fridajuggling

Highest numbers juggled

9 ball bounce qualified

 Frida Odden Brinkmann is a juggler from Fredrikstad, Norway, now living in Oslo. She has been juggling since she was nine.[1] She has graduated from the Circus Piloterna school in Sweden and the Fratellini Circus School in France.[2]

Frida is one of about five female jugglers who can bounce juggle 9 balls. She won the Solo Ball Bouncing Numbers competition at IJA 2006 with 25 catches of 9 balls.[3](video) In her YouTube videos, she does a 9 ball lift bounce for 34 catches,(video) and an 8 ball lift bounce for 56 catches.(video)

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