Françoise Rochais
Francoise Rochais
1995 IJA Individual Stage champion

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Highest numbers juggled

7 batons qualified
8 batons flashed? (claim)

 Françoise Rochais (born 19 December 1973)[1] is a professional juggler from Les Sables-d'Olonne, France.[2] She has worked extensively in circus and variety shows all over Europe, Asia, and the United States since 1991.[1]

Rather than using normal juggling clubs, Françoise mostly juggles other linear objects such as umbrellas, tennis rackets, and especially batons, which are much more difficult to juggle than clubs.[2] She had already learned to twirl batons when she started juggling at the age of eight,[1] and batons were the first thing she learned to juggle.[2]

At the 1995 International Jugglers' Association Convention in Las Vegas, Françoise won a gold medal in the Individuals Stage competition, and she also won the Individual Club competition in the IJA Numbers Championships, with 52 catches of 6 batons.[3] She has held the Guinness World Record for the most batons juggled (7) since 1999,[4] performed with 7 batons onstage,(video) juggled 7 batons for 73 catches on video, and flashed 8 batons.[5]


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FRANCOISE ROCHAIS Friedrichsbau Variete January 2011

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