Foppe Coenen is a 15-year-old juggler from Eben-Emael, Belgium. He won medals in the following competitions:

  • NK Jongleren 2016: Best Dutch competitor in the ring competition (results)
  • NK Jongleren 2017: 1st place in the ring competition (results)
Foppe placed 7th in the Top 40 Jugglers list in 2017.
3 YEARS OF JUGGLING - Foppe Coenen

3 YEARS OF JUGGLING - Foppe Coenen

His other juggling achievements include:

Personal Edit

Foppe is colorblind. Therefore he uses Henrys pirouette grip clubs with a strong color contrast (orange and green). For ball juggling, he uses orange Norwiks

His favourite juggler is Anthony Gatto.

Foppe practices mainly in a gym, but sometimes attends the Stichting Jongleercollectief Limburg meeting.

Social Media Edit

Foppe uses the following channels for uploading his tricks and sharing his juggling:

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