Foot juggling is juggling and manipulating objects using the feet (and sometimes also the hands).

Foot juggling can be done standing up, using foot catches and kick-ups and other footbag and soccer juggling techniques; sitting with the feet off the ground, which allows the juggler to use their feet for juggling without having to use them for standing at the same time; or lying down and balancing objects on top of the soles of the feet (this type of foot juggling is called antipodism).

World recordsEdit

Records listed on this page must be done using patterns where the number of objects is greater than the total number of hands and feet used, every object is thrown by a foot at some point in the pattern, and no hand or foot throws more than once in between two consecutive throws made by another hand or foot.

Foot juggling world records with publicly available video evidence here:

1 footEdit

2 feetEdit

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2 hands and 2 feetEdit

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Hand and foot juggling patterns by Łukasz Uczkiewicz

Selyna Bogino doing the 5 balls longest routine ever! XD

Selyna Bogino doing the 5 balls longest routine ever! XD

5 ball antipodism routine by Selyna Bogino