Etienne Chauzy
Etienne Chauzy.jpg
7-8 diabolo passing world record holder


YouTube: Etienne Chauzy

Highest numbers juggled

4 diabolos qualified
5 diabolos flashed
8 diabolo passing qualified

 Etienne Chauzy (born 11 July 1995) is a diabolo juggler from Paris, France.[1] He has been practicing diabolo since he was 11.[2] Etienne was the first person to flash 5 diabolos low on video, in 2010.

Etienne Chauzy and Guillaume Karpowicz hold two world records for diabolo passing:

  • 7 diabolos: 188 passes caught in 2018 (video)
  • 8 diabolos: 38 passes caught in 2019 (video)

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