Emil Dahl
Emil Dahl

YouTube: Emil Dahl denfulacykeln
Vimeo: emil dahl
Facebook: Emil Dahl
Instagram: emildahl_official

Highest numbers juggled

10 balls flashed
10 rings qualified
11 rings flashed
7 clubs qualified
8 clubs qualified?[citation needed]
9 clubs flashed

 Emil Dahl is a professional juggler from Stockholm, Sweden. He taught himself to juggle when he was seven.[1]

While his performance style focuses on the visual and creative aspects of juggling, Emil is also one of the world's best numbers jugglers. He became the first person to flash 9 clubs on video in 2013, and the fifth person to qualify 10 rings on video in 2018.

Photo credit: Einar Kling-Odencrants


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