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Dylan Tweed
Dylan Tweed.jpg
7 ball one-handed world record holder


YouTube: Dylan Tweed
Instagram: dylantweed77
Facebook: Dylan Tweed-Juggler

Highest numbers juggled

10 balls qualified
13 balls flashed
8 rings qualified
9 rings flashed
6 clubs qualified
7 clubs flashed

 Dylan Tweed (born in 2004) is an American juggler who at age 14 was the youngest person ever to qualify 10 balls,(video) as well as the youngest to flash 12 balls.(video) At age 15, he became the second (and the youngest) person to flash 13 balls on video. Dylan was featured on the Top 40 Most Popular Jugglers list in 2018 and 2019.

Dylan currently holds the following world records:


8 Balls-56 Catches,9 Balls-33 Catches,11 Balls-17 Catches,And 12 Balls-14 Catches