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Beginner CLUB JUGGLING TRICKS - Double Spins Tutorial

3 club doubles tutorial

Double rotations or doubles are throws where each club rotates twice before being caught. The basic patterns for 4 and 5 clubs are normally done with double rotations. Higher numbers are normally done with the clubs rotating at least three times per throw, and juggling those numbers with double rotations is a more difficult trick. Throw height and rotation speed can be controlled separately, so doubles with more than 5 clubs do not have to be done any lower than the basic patterns with the normal number of rotations.

Double rotations with 3 clubs is also a more difficult trick than the basic pattern, which is normally done with singles. 3 club doubles can be done at a normal 3 club height, using fast spins, or in a higher, slower pattern, with the same kind of throws used in a 5 club pattern, which is a good thing to work on to prepare for learning 5 clubs. Double spins are also used for some 3 club tricks, like 360s.


7 club doubles world record

7 club doubles by Stefan Brancel

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