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Daniel Eaker
Daniel Eaker.jpg
2008 WJF Intermediate Ball and Ring champion


YouTube: figure17
Juggling.tv: Daniel_Eaker

Highest numbers juggled

10 balls qualified
11 balls flashed
9 rings qualified
10 rings flashed
7 clubs qualified
8 clubs flashed
9 sticks flashed

 Daniel Eaker was born in 1991 in Richmond, Virginia, USA. He learned to juggle after seeing a juggling video on the internet in March 2006, and he joined the Air Raid juggling club in Charlottesville in February 2007.[1]

At WJF 5 in December 2008, Daniel became the first person to do two connected rounds of db97531 with 7 balls to a qualify.(video) In 2009, he qualified 10 balls with a run of 22 catches,(video) coming very close to the world record (23 catches at the time), and he also became the first person to do a 6 club b97531 to a collect.(video)

Later in 2009, Daniel had to quit juggling for a few years due to severe wrist problems.[2][3][4]


Daniel placed in the following IJA and WJF competitions.[5][6]

IJA 2008:

  • Numbers: Solo Balls - 1st place (tied with Vova Galchenko)
  • Numbers: Solo Rings - 2nd place
  • Numbers: Solo Clubs - 3rd place

WJF 2008:

  • Intermediate Balls - 1st place
  • Intermediate Rings - 1st place
  • Intermediate Clubs - 2nd place
  • 5 Ball Freestyle - 1st place
  • 7 Ball Freestyle - 1st place

IJA 2009:

  • Numbers: Solo Balls - 1st place
  • Numbers: Solo Rings - 3rd place
  • Numbers: Solo Clubs - 1st place
  • eXtreme Juggling: 5 Rings - 1st place
  • eXtreme Juggling: Teams - 1st place with David Ferman
  • Joggling: Men's Intermediate 5 Ball 100 Meters - 3rd place