Combat or gladiators is a juggling game where participants attempt to make their opponents drop, while maintaining their own juggling patterns. This game was invented in the early 1980s.[1][2]
EJC 2013 Fight Night Final - Luke vs Jochen-1

EJC 2013 Fight Night Final - Luke vs Jochen-1


  • Everyone starts juggling at the same time. Typically each person starts with 3 clubs and must continue to juggle 3 or more to stay in the game.
  • Players are allowed to interfere with other players' patterns in an attempt to make them drop. They should only attack their opponents' clubs, not their opponents' bodies.
  • Anyone who is no longer juggling at least 3 clubs (because they dropped, collected, or had a club stolen by an opponent) is out of the game. As soon as a person realizes they can't continue juggling, they should stop interfering with other players' patterns.
  • The last person left juggling wins.


  • Throwing one club high and using one of the remaining clubs to knock a club out of an opponent's pattern.
  • Knocking an opponent's clubs out of their pattern with a hand or foot.
  • Turning around and backing into an opponent's clubs.
  • Stealing a club from an opponent's pattern. (You should have control over the new club before any of the clubs you were already juggling hit the ground or are caught by another juggler.)
  • Throwing away a spare club and knocking a club out of an opponent's pattern with it.
  • Kicking up a dropped club into an opponent's pattern.



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