In columns patterns, the props move straight up and down in the air. Usually each prop stays in its own column and never moves sideways past another prop.

Patterns where all the props stay in separate columnsEdit

40 columns 200

2 in 1 hand

60 columns out 200

3 in 1 hand (moving outward)

60 columns in 200

3 in 1 hand (moving inward)

3 RMLM columns 200


(a variation of 423)

3 columns 1up2up self 200

1-up 2-up with the middle ball staying in one hand

Siteswap: (4,4)(4,0)

3 columns 1up2up cross 200

1-up 2-up with the middle ball switching between two hands

Siteswap: (4,4)(4x,0)*

4 columns 200

4 balls asynchronous

44 sync columns RL LR 200

4 balls synchronous

44 sync columns RR LL 200

4 balls synchronous another way

4 spreads 200

4 ball spreads

666660 sync columns 200

5 balls synchronous

Siteswap: (6,6)(6,6)(6,0)

666660 columns 200

5 balls asynchronous

Siteswap: 666660

3 boston mess 200

3 ball Boston mess

4 boston mess 200

4 ball Boston mess

CherrypickerRL 200Cherry picker

3 sideways box 200

The sideways box doesn't have a box shape, but it is just like the box or the upside-down box, except the zips go up and down on the side instead of back and forth on the bottom or the top. It is also the same as 1-up 2-up, except one of the balls on the outside is caught at its peak by the hand that would normally stay empty at that time.

3 alternating sideways box 200

Alternating sideways box or sideways double box

3 crossarm sideways box 200

Cross-armed sideways box

Video: 2 ball head bounce in columns by Anthony Gatto
Video: Albert Lucas juggling 3 ping pong balls in columns with his mouth
Video: 6 balls in columns by Doug Sayers
Video: 6 club spreads by Haavard Hvidsten
Video: 6 and 8 clubs in columns by Toby Walker

Other patterns with columnsEdit

5 col bounce 200

In column bounce patterns and in the bounce juggling pattern Dyer's straights, each time a ball is thrown it stays in the same column until it's caught, but then it's usually moved to a different column.

Dyer's straights 200

Dyer's straights

3 factory 200

In the factory, two balls are juggled in one hand in columns, but the other hand keeps taking a ball out of the pattern and dropping another one in.

42x box 200

In the box, two balls go up and down in columns, one in each hand, while the other ball is thrown back and forth between the hands horizontally.

3 double box 200

In the double box, all three balls are thrown in columns, and each ball is always thrown in the same column, but the balls in the two outer columns are also thrown horizontally at the bottom of the pattern when they're not being thrown in columns.

3 triple box 200

In the triple box, each of the balls in the middle is always thrown in the same column, and the outer column ball is alternately thrown on the right and left sides of the pattern.

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