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Burke's barrage is a 3 ball trick invented by Ken Burke. This pattern is a variation of "real tennis" (423 with the 3s thrown over the top of the pattern). In Burke's barrage, the 4s (non-crossing throws) are thrown under the arm, and the 3s (crossing throws) are caught under the arm. The 4s should be caught using claw catches. Another way to describe the pattern is as a 423 Mills mess where the 4s are thrown under the arm.


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Takeouts or Charlie's cheat is a variation where after a 4 is caught, that ball is carried over the top of the pattern. This is how Burke's barrage was described in early editions of Charlie Dancey's Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling. (The way Ken Burke originally did it, that ball is carried through the middle of the pattern, going under the 4 that was thrown next.)

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Luke Burrage invented a 5 ball multiplex trick called "Burke's Burrage" that combines the original Burke's barrage with the "takeouts" variation.

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Reverse Burke's barrage

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"Box barrage" (Luke's shuffle with switched columns) is a box variation that is just like Burke's barrage, except it's a synchronous pattern. (Video)

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4 ball Burke's barrage (using the siteswap 552)

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5 ball Burke's barrage (using the siteswap 726)


Burke's Barrage and Take-Outs, plus Reverse Burke's Barrage

Burke's barrage, takeouts, and reverse Burke's barrage


Learn to juggle BURKE'S BARRAGE - Intermediate Juggling Tutorial

Burke's barrage tutorial