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Blind juggling is juggling without being able to see the pattern. Like isolation, balancing, head bouncing, and spinning, this makes juggling more difficult by increasing the accuracy required.

Normally to demonstrate blind juggling, you need to wear a blindfold to show that you can't see the objects, but for some tricks, you don't even have to close your eyes to juggle blind. You can do blind overhead or behind the back patterns while looking straight ahead with your eyes open.

Video: Joëlle Huguenin juggling 3 balls blind behind the back and overhead

Blindfolded 3-up

3 ball blind 3 up 360 by Haavard Hvidsten


5 balls blindfolded

5 ball blind qualify by Haavard Hvidsten

World Records[]

Blind juggling world records with publicly available video evidence:

Unverified claims:

  • 3 balls: 40 minutes by TheLally in 2007 (claim)
  • 4 balls: 168 catches by Fletcher S (claim)
  • 5 balls: 23 catches by DrUranium (claim)
  • 4 clubs: 25 catches by Felix Sürbe (claim)

Blind jugglers[]

Damian Pickering, who has been blind since age three, was taught by Barry Friedman to juggle 3 balls by bouncing them off his chest.

Nino Frediani was mostly blind his whole life, but kept it a secret because he preferred to be thought of as a speed juggler rather than a blind juggler.

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