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Backcrosses are crossing throws made behind the back, where the object comes forward on the same side of the body where it will be caught.


  • Avoid leaning back, sticking your elbows out, or twisting your body to the side.
  • Make sure that none of your backcrosses or normal throws are lower than your basic pattern height, and that you're not waiting too long to start a throw, so you will have enough time to make a proper throw before you have to catch another object.
  • If you're throwing clubs out too wide, you need to hold on to them longer. If they're hitting you in the head, you're holding on too long.

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World records[]

Backcross world records with publicly available video evidence:


Unverified claims:

  • 3 ball backcrosses: 18 minutes and 36 seconds by Dave Leahy in 2011 (claim)



  • 3 club backcrosses: 16 minutes and 38 seconds by Chris Fowler in 2007 (video)
  • 5 club backcrosses: 1 minute and 42 seconds by Kristian Wanvik in 2022 (video)
  • 6 club backcrosses: 14 catches by Wes Peden in 2008 (video)
  • 7 club backcrosses: 9 catches by Masahiro Takahashi in 2021 (video)

Unverified claims: