Alex Lubker
Alex Lubker


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Highest numbers juggled

8 balls qualified
9 balls flashed
7 rings qualified
8 rings flashed
5 clubs qualified
6 clubs flashed
6 ball bounce qualified
7 ball bounce flashed

 Alex Lubker (born September 20, 1991) is an American juggler[1] who was born in Colorado and now lives in Texas. He learned to juggle when he was about ten years old.

When he was 15, Alex participated in the first WJF Juniors competition.[2]

In 2013, Alex used the game creation tool Stencyl to make the Impossible Siteswap Animator, which can simulate impossible juggling patterns such as negative siteswaps.[3][4]

Juggle WikiEdit

This Juggle Wiki was created by Richard Kohut in 2011 to replace an earlier JuggleWiki site that had shut down.[5] Alex has adopted the wiki and has contributed hundreds of pages of content.

Alex maintains a playlist on YouTube of about 200 of the juggling world records listed on Juggle Wiki.


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Austin JuggleFest 2008 - 5 Ball Endurance-0

Austin JuggleFest 2008 - 5 Ball Endurance-0

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