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Albert Lucas
Albert Lucas


Highest numbers juggled

10 balls flashed
10 rings qualified (in competition)
13 rings flashed
14 rings flashed? (claim)
7 clubs qualified

 Albert Lucas (born in 1960) is an American juggler known for flashing high numbers of rings, juggling while ice skating, and promoting joggling as a sport.[1] He is the only person to have flashed 13 rings,[2] and the only person to have qualified 10 objects in competition, juggling 10 rings for 20 catches in the numbers competitions at the IJA Summer Festivals in 1996 and 2002.[3] Since 1988 the IJA has awarded the Lucas Cup, a trophy named after and designed by Albert Lucas, to the Individuals Stage champion each year.[4]

Albert learned to juggle when he was three[5] and started performing at age four in comedy clubs, small circuses and night clubs.[6] From age 8 to 11 he toured with Liberace and then performed in Las Vegas.[6] From age 12 to 22, he traveled the world performing his juggling act on ice with the Ice Capades.[6] Albert spent several years performing in the Around the World on Ice show at Busch Gardens Theme Park.[7] Albert has performed at both the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.[8]

Kit Summers' 1987 book, Juggling with Finesse, describes a club juggling trick where the clubs go between the legs from front to back with both feet on the floor. In his book, Kit named this trick after Albert Lucas, calling it "Alberts", because Albert was the first person he had seen doing that trick, although as Kit and Albert both acknowledged later, Albert was not the inventor of the trick[9][10] (according to a Juggler's Bulletin article it was invented by Morris Cronin). Kit called a variation of this trick where the clubs go between the legs from back to front "Treblas" ("Albert" spelled backwards).[11] In 2000 Jason Garfield, who disapproved of people giving Albert credit for a trick he didn't invent, introduced a new name for the trick, "crotch throws", and later the euphemism "body throws".[12]


World records

Records verified by JISCON:[2]

Unverified claims:

  • 14 rings: 14 catches (Albert claims to have a video of a 14 ring flash, but he doesn't want to share the video because it doesn't show the whole pattern.[13] In 2001,[14] he tried to set the record publicly on the BBC show "Record Breakers", but gave up exhausted after trying 14 rings over 60 times.)[15]


Albert won the following IJA competitions.[16]


  • Numbers competition (7 rings for 61 seconds, at age 10)[17]


  • Stage: Individuals
  • Numbers: 7 objects
  • Numbers: 5 clubs
  • Numbers Challenge: Rings
  • Joggling: 100 meters


  • Joggling: Men's 1 mile


  • Joggling: Men's 100 meters
  • Joggling: Men's 1 mile


  • Numbers: Solo Rings
  • Joggling: Men's 100 meters
  • Joggling: Men's 1 mile


  • Joggling: 100 meters
  • Joggling: 400 meters


  • Numbers: Solo Rings
  • Joggling: 100 meters - 5 balls


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