A 4-count (also called "every others") is a passing pattern where every fourth throw is a pass. This is a common pattern for passing 6 objects, with two people doing cascades and passing on every other right-hand throw. With 8 objects it can be done either entirely in the wimpy pattern, alternating between throwing a right hand pass and a left hand crossing throw, and then two crossing throws, or the two throws between passes can be non-crossing, so the pattern alternates between two throws of a wimpy pattern with one hand throwing to the other person, and two throws of a synch fountain. The second method is the one that would be used for rings and clubs since those props are not good for wimpy patterns.

A 4-count for an odd number of objects is the same as a 4-count for the even number just below that number (including the way the hands are synchronized) except the passes are higher than the other throws (e.g. passed 5s and non-passed 3s for 7 objects, or passed 6s and non-passed 4s for 9 objects), and the two jugglers don't pass at the same time: one person's right hand throws a pass at the same time as the other person's right hand throws a non-passed throw. To start the pattern, the person holding more objects starts juggling by throwing a pass, and the other person makes their first throw (a pass) at the same time as the first person makes their third throw.

5 4count 200

5 ball 4-count


6 4count 200

6 ball 4-count


7 4count 200

7 ball 4-count


8 4count 200

8 ball 4-count


9 4count 200

9 ball 4-count


10 4count 200

10 ball 4-count


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