A 3-count is an ambidextrous passing pattern where every third throw is a pass. In a 6 object 3-count, the same two objects are passed every time they're thrown. An 8 object 3-count is done by passing every third throw in an async fountain, with one juggler's right hand throwing at the same time as the other juggler's left hand.

A 3-count for odd numbers is similar to a (1-height) 1-count for odd numbers: one person throws diagonal passes, and the other person throws straight passes, and only one hand throws at a time. In a 7 object 3-count, the throws are passed 4.5s and non-passed (crossing) 3s, and in a 9 object 3 count, the throws are passed 5.5s and non-passed (non-crossing) 4s. To start, the diagonal-passer throws one object first, and then the straight-passer does their first throw (a pass) right after the diagonal-passer's second throw. If the diagonal-passer starts with their right hand, the straight-passer's first pass is with their left hand for 7 objects, or their right hand for 9 objects.

6 3count 200

6 ball 3-count


8 3count 200

8 ball 3-count


9 triangle 3count 200

9 ball triangle 3-count


SJRI 12-Club Box 3-Count

SJRI 12-Club Box 3-Count

Box 3-count

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