1-up 4-up is a 5 object variation of the 3 object columns pattern 1-up 2-up, where each of the objects in the "2-up" part is replaced with two objects thrown as a stacked multiplex.

3 columns 1up2up cross 200

3 ball 1-up 2-up

5 1up4up 200

5 ball 1-up 4-up

5 1up4up crossing 200

5 ball crossing 1-up 4-up

Video: 5 club 1-up 4-up tricks by Chris Fowler

Variations with more than 5 objectsEdit

6 2up4up 200

6 ball 2-up 4-up

7 3up4up 200

7 ball 3-up 4-up

7 1up6up 200

7 ball 1-up 6-up

Video: 6 ring 2-up 4-up by Chris Fowler
Video: 7 ball 1-up 6-up connected to db97531 by Dave Leahy
Video: 7 ball 1-up 6-up with a contortion catch by Dan Wood
Video: 7 ball crossing 1-up 6-up with a ball passed around the body by Peter Bone
Video: 7 ball 3-up 4-up 360 by David Ferman
Video: 7 ball high-low-middle 4-up by David Ferman - siteswap: 9x7x8x22[1x1x]([86],[7x5x])*
1 up 6 up tricks

1 up 6 up tricks

7 ball 1-up 6-up variations by Josh Turner

Tutorial 1 up 4 up

Tutorial 1 up 4 up

1-up 4-up tutorial

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